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There are three main cruise ports in Jamaica, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Falmouth, each unique offering a full range of services and facilities. Also the beautiful Port Antonio port of call for boutique cruise ships and yachts.
It is good the plan your trip wisely so you can experience some of the most beautiful places in Jamaica when coming by cruise, Jamaica has abundant of special activities and excursions.
Montego Bay
Doctor cave beach
Montego Bay has been a cruise destination, in the 1920s it begin to receive passengers bought in by steam ships. Today, there continue to be thousands of visitors to Montego Bay every year. A host of activities and attractions provide the perfect day off the ship. You can go rafting or walk along the ‘Hip Strip’, where Jamaica comes alive day and at night with food, music, water-sport activities, shopping or lazying on the beach. Please go to things to do in Montego Bay, also visit for more information.
Ocho Rios
Shaw park garden
The town of Ocho Rios was once a fishing village but now caters to visitors. It is a port of call for cruise ships. It is always taught that Ocho Rios has eight river, but that is a misnomer, it is likely a British corruption of the original Spanish name "Las Chorreras" means "the waterfalls", a name given to the village because of the nearby famous Dunn's River Falls. If you are a nature lover, you will definitely love Ocho Rios, it has very beautiful gardens, it also has has restaurants, Margaritaville and Dolphin Cove, where tourists swim and interact with dolphins. It is perhaps most notable for its use in Dr No, the very first James Bond film, which was released in 1962.

Please go to things to do in Ocho Rios, also visit Tour Ocho Rios for more information.
Jamaica Heritage
Falmouth – the new cruise destination in Jamaica since 2010, with a interesting past. A new and unique cruise destination is taking shape on the north coast of Jamaica, just half an hour drive from Montego Bay. In it's heyday as a British colony is now being restored to its former days. It a fully-fledged cruise destination. Falmouth’s rich heritage provides an impressive backdrop to the new cruise terminal, the design which drew inspiration from the town’s architecture and history.

Falmouth is close to Jamaica's mountainous Cockpit Country, which contains a large selection of flora and fauna that is not found anywhere else in the world. Falmouth’s central location you to to see the best in Jamaica. It is east to Ocho Rios to the popular Dunn’s River Falls, west to Montego Bay and even further west to Negril.
Please go to things to do in Falmouth, also visit for more information.
Errol Flynn Marina, Port Antonio

Port Antonio is one of the most beautiful towns in Jamaica, it was once a thriving banana shipping port. If you have heard about the famous 'Day O' Banana Boat Song, it had its debut here, it was song by the people who loaded the banana boats. Today, Port Antonio is a dream town that offers cruise passengers a glimpse into the natural world. Visitors will find pleasure in the Blue Mountains, Blue Lagoon and mystery in the Nonsuch Caves, waterfalls and stunning beaches. Portland has been the backdrop for many movies. Please visit Errol Flynn Marina for more information.

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