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...when in PORTLAND
Portland is a parish located on Jamaica's east coast. It is one of the rural areas of Jamaica and is known for its great beaches, beautiful scenery such as caves, bays, rivers, waterfalls and hills. Portland is a playground for the wealthy, many of whom own property. The very famous Blue Mountains are also located in Portland, as well as the world-famous Blue Lagoon. Please ask your hotel for more information.
At Somerset Falls you can settle in for a lovely day of relaxing and bathing in beautiful deep rock pools. Enjoy a boat ride around the back falls and take a swim in the Fall's pool and visit the caves.  Ask your hotel front desk how to book this trip or go to the getting around page and directly contact a tour operator.
Reach Falls is a beautiful tropical park around a waterfall cascading into a river pool. If you are an adventurous person, why not visit should visit the Reach Falls Attraction cascades of mountain water., 876-993-6606
Hiking to the Blue Mountains the 14-mile Peak trail takes about seven hours. Starting the trail early in the morning makes for an exciting hike and an incredible view of the sunrise, however, you don't have to follow this popular trend. You can hike in the daylight. If you decide to do the trek in the morning, you can spend the night prior to the hike at either Whitfield Hall or Wildflower Lodge, or camp out at Portland Gap. Ask your hotel front desk how to book this trip.
Nonsuch Caves has botanical gardens and a mysterious series of caves complete with stalactites and stalagmites.
Frenchman's Cove Beach, once the playground for the famous. It is now being operated modestly for everyone to enjoy, you can swim in the clean fresh waters that flow into the sea from a river.
Rafting-Bamboo rafting on the Rio Granda river
Blue Lagoon Jamaica
Long Bay Beach -beautiful caribbean turquoise waters. The breeze make Long Bay a allround surf spots on the island, although swimmers should beware of the bay's dangerous underwater current.
Turtle Bay beach
Heather Smit's Green Guide
Frenchman's cove beach
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