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Montego Bay Ocho Rios Negril
When you are in Jamaica, try some of the authentic Jamaican food, a few is listed below.
Bammies—cakes made from cassava root, a staple in the diet of the Taino, the indigenous people who lived on the island long before Columbus arrived.
Ackee—a bright yellow fruit, served with saltfish as Jamaica’s National Dish; when cooked, it looks a little like scrambled egg.
Duckunoo—a steamed pudding made from cornmeal and coconut, wrapped in banana leaves.
Breadfruit—introduced to the island by Captain William Bligh of The Bounty fame. Enjoy breadfruit with ackee and codfish or pickle mackerel.
Patties—a spicy pie sold in snack shops, filled with beef, chicken, shrimp, lobster or vegetables.
Curried goat-a popular dish often served with white rice, rice and peas or other food, is a legacy of East Indian indenture ship. The new arrivals added curry and other spices, expanding the island’s kitchen of exotic flavors.
Restaurants in Montego Bay
Akbar Restaurant
Fine dining - Indian cuisine
Montego Bay
Telephone: 876-953-8240
Day O Plantation Restaurant
Montego Bay
The Restaurant offers the finest in Jamaican and foreign cuisine in elegant Jamaican splendor.
The Pelican Restaurant, Montego Bay
Jamaican cuisine
The Houseboat Grill, Montego Bay
International cuisine
876-979 8845
The Pork Pit Restaurant, Montego Bay
Jerk pork and chicken
Telephone: 876-940-3008
Pier 1 On The Waterfront, Montego Bay
Telephone: 876-952-2452
Marguerites Restaurant, Montego Bay
A water's edge bistro, specializing in fresh seafood
The Native Restaurant & Bar, Montego Bay
Free Dinner shuttle service available
Caribbean cuisine
Robbie Joseph's Seahorse Grill, Montego Bay
Global cuisine with a twist of West Indian flare
Seagrape Terrace, Montego Bay
Jamaican cuisine
The Brewery, Montego Bay
English-style pub offering Jamaican, English and international cuisine.
Tel: 876-940-2613
Restaurant in Ocho Rios
Almond Tree Restaurant
Jamaican, Continental
Ocho Rios
Ocho Rios Jerk Centre
Jamaican jerk dishes
Tel: 876-974-2549
Toscanini's Italian Restaurant, Ocho Rios
Authentic Italian cuisine
Tel: 876-975-4785
The Ruins at the Falls, Ocho Rios
Jamaican and Asian
Cardiff Hall Restaurant, Runaway Bay
Jamaican and International
Tel: 876-973-6671-4
Evita's Italian Restaurant, Ocho Rios
The best little pasta house in Ocho Rios
Tel: 876-973-2333
Bibibips Restaurant & Bar, Ocho Rios
Jamaican food at its best
Tel: 876-974-7438
Restaurant in Negril
Cosmos Seafood Restaurant, Negril
Seafood and Jamaican
Tel: 876-957-4330
Island Twist on the Beach Restaurant, Negril
Vegetarian dishes and international
Rondel Village Hotel
Tel: 876-957-4413
Norma's Restaurant, Negril
Tel: 876-957-4041
Restaurant Le Vendome, Negril
French cuisine
Tel: 876-957-4648
Rick's Cafe, Negril
Caribbean and international cuisine
Tel: 876-957-0380
Kuyaba - Seafood Restaurant, Negril
Houseboat, Montego Bay
Evita's Italian Restaurant
Runaway Bay Heart Hotel
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